Copra Meal

Copra meal is an animal feed product produced from coconut processing. This product is obtained by drying and grinding the coconut meal left after the process of extracting coconut oil from the coconut meat. Copra meal has a fine powder texture with a yellowish-white color. It is a high-value source of feed in the animal feed industry.

Copra Meal Product Specifications:

Protein Content: Copra meal has a high protein content, around 20-25%. The high protein content makes it a good source of protein for animal feed, helping in the growth and development of animals.

Crude Fiber Content: Copra meal also has a fairly high crude fiber content, around 10-15%. Crude fiber helps in maintaining the digestive health of animals and optimizing nutrient absorption.

Fat and Energy: Copra meal contains a certain amount of fat that provides high energy in animal feed. The fat and energy content ranges from 8-12%.

Mineral Content: Copra meal contains essential minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, and selenium.

Phytic Acid Levels: Phytic acid is a component present in copra meal that can bind minerals and inhibit the absorption of nutrients in animals.